Connecting Lives Through Music: A Universal Language

We all need to express and we all can do it through music! Here at Curtain Call Music Lessons, we help children master the skills needed to sing with their soul, whip out their favorite tunes, and walk with confidence knowing they can do something amazing and uniquely their own.

We offer in-home lessons for Guitar and Piano ages 5 and up, and Voice ages 10 and up! Serving the Main Line cities of Bryn Mawr, Ardmore, Villanova, Narberth, Berwyn, Haverford, Wayne, Gladwyne, Devon, Marion, and Rosemont, as well as the neighboring cities of Plymouth Meeting, King of Prussia, Havertown, Manayunk, and Newtown Square, while also offering Guitar and Voice lessons online to anyone in the world!


Achievement Levels

Our students are guided through a fun, goal-oriented structure that rewards their effort while clarifying the path forward. 

Clear Progress

We enjoy nothing more than watching the amazing progress of all our students, from complete beginner to working professional.

Professional-Level Instruction

Our teachers are active professional musicians themselves, bringing high-level experience and industry knowledge into their instruction.

Choose Your Instrument


Learn how to sing in a variety of styles, from pop to broadway to opera.

In voice lessons, your child will learn about breath support, vocal production, diction, and the building blocks of music, all giving them the confidence to belt out their favorite tunes!


Discover the fun of playing favorite songs whenever a piano is nearby.

In piano lessons, your child will learn about music notation, chord building, melody, sight-reading and rhythm so they can sit down and play their favorite melodies at any occasion! 


Feel the vibrations of the strings while learning songs for every occasion.

In guitar lessons, your child will learn about chords, different strumming techniques, and various styles so they can play along to their favorite songs!

Register Today!

At Curtain Call Music Lessons, we do not overbook ourselves, so we can provide a premium music education to all our students!  Space is limited so act fast!

Why Learn To Sing or Play an Instrument?

Increased Confidence

Taking lessons imparts a sense of control and mastery.  Students feel and see progress as they develop musically and master their favorite songs.

Relaxed Social Skills

Music provides many opportunities for collaboration with other musicians.  This collaboration and mutual love of music builds strong social skills.

Better Memory

Music requires us to think creatively, which according to science is essential to improving your memory skills!

Improves STEM Performance

Studies have shown that children who take regular music lessons on an instrument or singing, score higher in many subjects such as science and math!

Enhanced Co-ordination

Mastering an instrument requires a lot of physical coordination and finger dexterity.  Studies have shown that same dexterity is found in doctors and surgeons!

Improves Reading & Comprehension

Music is often considered its own language!  Students who study music often score higher in reading and writing.

Sharpens Concentration

Mastering an instrument takes time and dedication.  When a student practices, they are able to keep their concentration longer and sharper.

Better Listening Skills

Playing music is not only a physical activity, but also an aural activity! Students create better listening skills by discerning chord progressions, melodies, and interpreting musical ideas.

Teaches Focus & Discipline

Mastering an instrument takes time and patience.  Students learn how to set goals and handle setbacks in a way that keeps them motivated and focused!

Boosts Team Skills

Taking music lessons opens the door to many opportunities to perform in groups!  Whether it’s to sing in a choir, to play in an orchestra, or to rock out in a band, students learn how to work together towards a common goal.

Training the Whole Musician

Learning to say what you feel

Songwriting Classes

Do you always have a song in your head, but don’t know how to write it down?  Or do you want to learn how to write songs in a different style? Through structured improvisation, our teachers can help you find your voice, write captivating lyrics, and create beautifully structured chord progressions.

Learn how it all fits together

Music Theory Classes

Have you always wondered why music makes you feel the way that it does?  How did composers such as Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven, as well as songwriters such as Elton John, Adele, and Freddie Mercury create such compelling music?  In music theory lessons, you will learn the answers to all these questions by deconstructing and analyzing these great composers!


Why Learn With Us?


All our students feel like pros

We make sure our lessons are fun and enriching, while providing periodic performing opportunities to show off their skills.


Clear lesson plans

We work with students to achieve their goals and track progress with a clear structure and demonstrable progress.


Song-based learning

Our unique methods include actual songs, so that students learn music they love along with the technique to play or sing them.


World class educators

Our teachers are not just highly-trained, professional musicians, but experienced teachers who can clearly explain the concepts.

Learn From Home

In-Home and Online Learning Options

At Curtain Call Music Lessons, we provide two models for lessons to better serve our students, both of which do not require you to leave your own home!  Here are some of the benefits of taking lessons In-Home or online:

  • Learn in the comfort of your own home.
  • Easier to find a time that works for your busy schedule.
  • No need to sit in traffic driving to and from a studio.
  • Easier to share a time slot with other family members.
  • Students are more likely to stick with lessons longer.


    Why do we do what we do?

    Hear it directly from our founder, Tom Sitzler.

    Hello!  I am Tom Sitzler and I am the founder of Curtain Call Music Lessons.  Our goal is to not only provide excellent music education to all our students, but to help shape and mentor children into amazing adults!  We believe that a solid music education is essential to a child’s development and would love to help you bring this gift to your child!

    Hear it from our students!

    My teacher at Curtain Call Music is extremely talented. He loves music and shares that love with those he instructs. He came to our house in the morning before school which was incredibly convenient for a busy mom. I would recommend Curtain Call Music to all.

    Jill Whelan

    Denver, CO

    Curtain Call Music has great, flexible and inspiring teachers. Not only do they bring their knowledge but they bring their love and performance experience to the students. They adjusts the lessons to fit the needs of your children, whether it’s more composition ideas or adding some vocal instruction to the piano lesson. We loved having Curtain Call Music teach our kids!

    Jennie Preece

    Denver, CO

    Great learning experience. Curtain Call Music is great at helping me visualize the singing techniques. My passion for making music can sometimes be limited by what I think I can’t do. My lessons with my instructor were a reminder that sometimes we need a different perspective (or a classically trained opera singer) to help us create in a way I could not have before.

    Javed Sheikh

    Denver, CO

    Curtain Call Music worked with three of my children, ages 7-13. Their experience both in voice and in piano was a perfect combination for the musical needs of our children. They were also great at helping them pursue composition, finding unique ways and connections to inspire their creativity. They’re professional, fun, flexible and good with kids.

    As a tenor, my experience with Curtain Call Music has been excellent. With a specific vision shared, they are taking me on my journey to understand, expand and train my vocal instrument to reach my musical goals!

    Alan Copenhaver

    Denver, CO

    My son started working with Curtain Call Music a couple of years ago.   The difference they have made for my son has been great.  They have really helped him find his voice. We started taking lessons in person.  Our instructor moved away from our city several months ago and, thankfully, we have been able to continue the lessons online which has been terrific.  They have been particularly great helping my son prepare pieces for auditions for musical theater. The results have been great. I highly recommend Curtain Call Music for lessons, both in person or online.

    Elizabeth Collins

    Denver, CO

    As a high school teacher and a former piano major in college,  I am most impressed by Curtain Call Music’s ability to diagnose and to remedy my vocal learning curve in real-time as I get more familiar with this complex instrument I’m carrying around: They adapt their learning exercises for me appropriately as I evolve. I also like that they leave me with plenty of notes and visual/audio examples if I get lost. They’re easily accessible too if I have a question about technique because I hate to practice wrong an entire week! I highly recommend Curtain Call Music for any level of vocal instruction.

    Dean Abrams

    Denver, CO

    Curtain Call Music has been working with our daughter to aid her in understanding the concepts of music theory. They are patient and provide outside material for her to reinforce the concepts they are working on together. They have a passion for teaching music and it is evident in their desire for their students to grow.

    Annie Moore

    Denver, CO


    Frequently Asked

    How much does it cost?

    Weekly In-Home Lessons
    Starting at only $240 per month!

    Weekly Online Lesson
    Starting at only $170 per month!

    Will I need to purchase an instrument?

    All students will need to acquire their own instrument. If you don’t already have an instrument, please let us know and we can help advise on the best way to find a good affordable option!

    Will I need to purchase books or other materials?

    We provide weekly lesson planners and certain beginning materials, but most students will need to purchase lesson books. Your instructor will be able to advise on the best books for your chosen instrument! 

    Are performances mandatory?

    At Curtain Call Music Lessons, we offer performing opportunities in the Fall, Spring, and Summer. Though participation is not required for enrollment, we highly recommend all students participate!

    What are your lesson policies?

    Cancellation Policy:
    We require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, and 30 days notice if you would like to cancel permanently.

    Under 16 Policy:
    If the student is under 16 years old, an adult must be present at the lesson location for the entire lesson duration.

    Getting Started with Lessons

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    We accept new registrations throughout the year, simply get in touch and we’ll help you with any questions you may have. Call us at (267) 536-5691 or email us below to get started!

    Choose your timeslot

    Once reserved, your timeslot is yours indefinitely! Have to schedule a doctor’s appointment? Won a Mediterranean cruise? Any conflicts can be made-up with at least 24 hours notice.

    Come to your first lesson

    We’ll help you strategize on how to come prepared to your lessons, how to practice well, maintain your instrument, and of course, how to make some music! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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